Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel

Tallinna kesklinnas sadama piirkonnas asuv 2007. aastal avatud modernne Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel pakub suurepäraseid võimalusi äri ja puhkuse ühendamiseks koos laia teenusevalikuga. Hotellis on lisaks 275 toale ka kaasaegne konverentsikeskus, luksuslik basseini- ja saunamaailm Aqua Spa, tunnisaun, laia teenusevalikuga ilukeskus Hera Salongid, a la carte restoran Nero ning sigaribaar Fidel.


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  • Anssi P Anssi P

    Very good hotel near the harbour and the city centre

    Tallink Spa & Conference hotel is located the harbour and can be reached well if you travel by boat. The hotel is in good shape and spa facilities are excellent. There are several different saunas...

  • ec1oud ec1oud

    Convenient, quiet, great spa, pool and saunas

    It's very convenient to get here: when you arrive at the airport, find the kiosk at the end of the front hall and buy yourself a bus pass for however many days you need. Then go out the front door...

  • Håkan J Håkan J

    Come here for the spa!

    The spa area is what makes this hotel worth a visit. The breakfast is decent, the rooms are good, and the location is not too far away from the city centre. If you are in need of a spa weekend, then...