Okupatsioonide muuseum

Okupatsioonide muuseumi püsinäitus ja filmid annavad ülevaate okupatsiooniajast, repressioonidest, rahvuslikust vastupanuvõitlusest ja laulvast revolutsioonist Eestis aastatel 1940–1991, mil Eesti oli vaheldumisi okupeeritud Nõukogude Liidu, Saksamaa ja veelkord Nõukogude Liidu poolt.

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  • Franjul Franjul
    super friendly staff and interesting exhibition

    The 7 to 8 videos about different decades of Estonian history seemed to be very interesting, but with approx half an hour each too long to take in during our visit. DVD was available, unfortunately...

  • psjohnson74 psjohnson74
    A sobering experience, but well worth visitng

    This museum has a wealth of information regarding the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Estonia. While not something that is going to cheer you up in any way, shape, or form, it yields a great deal of...

  • Vwmark Vwmark
    Dense on information, fascinating

    Mostly of interest to people with a strong interest in 20th century history or the Cold War. My mother and family suffered under the challenges of this period in Estonia, and so I was strongly...