Okupatsioonide muuseum

Okupatsioonide muuseumi püsinäitus ja filmid annavad ülevaate okupatsiooniajast, repressioonidest, rahvuslikust vastupanuvõitlusest ja laulvast revolutsioonist Eestis aastatel 1940–1991, mil Eesti oli vaheldumisi okupeeritud Nõukogude Liidu, Saksamaa ja veelkord Nõukogude Liidu poolt.


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  • James G James G

    Watch the fascinating media presentations.

    This is an unimposing building, but I spent two hours there when I had planned on being there only 30 minutes. The early film footage was really interesting in its depiction of the fate of a small...

  • CaliforniaPenny68 CaliforniaPenny68

    Allow plenty of time

    This museum tells the story of the occupations suffered by Estonia primarily through a number of interesting videos. Interspersed between personal accounts are film clips of the events and people...

  • leslieeilsel leslieeilsel

    Interesting, especially if you have a passion for Cold War history

    Great insight into Soviet occupation and the standards of living during the time. Extremely informative, but you definitely to spend time here and pay attention to the exhibits!