Põhja-Eesti one-day summer and family retreats at Rehe barn without accommodation

Rehe barn:

- indoor area is 490 m²

- 3 ha of lawn

- children's playground

- village swing

- disc golf track with 11 baskets

- volleyball court

- various workshops

- catering

- sound equipment, lighting, a stage, an outdoor terrace

- geocaching for up to 40 teams

Starting at the barn, you can hike on foot on the history and nature study trail of Metsanurme and Üksnurme.

The Keila River is 2 km away; here, you can organize a canoe trip for up to 200 people or a raft trip for 100. Both trips can take place simultaneously for a total of 300 people. Everyone will get a lifejacket and a paddle.

If necessary, we can provide transportation to the river and back.

Canoe trip is €20/per person.

Fee for using the barn is arranged with the client!








Üksnurme küla Nurmekunde, Saku vald, Harju maakond