Lääne-Eesti adventure trips in a bog, on the water, in the forest or anywhere you want organises canoe trips on the rivers of Audru, Sauga, Keila, Pärnu, Ahja, Pirita and Valgejõe. In addition to canoeing, our adventures also include rafting, bog shoe hikes, off-road safaries, geocaching, company summer retreats, etc.

Equipment that you can use for organising a nice trip:

* geocaching for up to 68 people

* 60 canoes (up to 180 people)

* 8 rafts (up to 80 people)

* 63 pairs of bog shoes for adventures in the bog in the winter or summer

* 80 pairs of skis for an adventure in the winter

* 4 trucks (Zil 131) that are used to take a group into a bog

In addition, you can rent a UAZ bus that has been converted into a sauna and a tent for spending the night. We will find the best solution for you!






Papsaare küla Anni tee, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond