Grand Holm Marina restoran

Restoran asub samanimelises jahisadamas, Haapsalu Lahe ääres. Grand Holm Marinas on 50 istekohta, lobbybaar ja väliterrass, kus saab ilusa ilmaga  nautida mõnusat merevaadet.
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  • One of the best places in Haapsalu

    The restaurant is situated by yacht marina, nice view to the sea. There is outdoors sitting as well. Service was really nice and pleasant. Chicken liver was tender accompanied with some freshly...

  • Best surprise is what you dont expect !

    It was very nice and sunny Saturday in the beginning of July. Not sure you believe, but we decided with family drive to the Haapsalu for lunch. What i must say it was totally worth of it. The weather...

  • I would not visit by boat and use the harbour

    There are several stupid unfounded rules for visitors like "Vessels must inform harbor master of an intention to exit the port aquatory at least 1 hour before the expected departure, guest vessels...