A.H. Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe

Tammsaare Museum in Vargamäe is the writer's birthplace, which inspired him to write the novel Truth and Justice. This is where the neighbours Andres and Pearu struggled with the bog, dug a ditch, and kept up their stubbornness like Estonians tend to do. In the museum, you can learn about the writer's cultural and literary heritage, as well as search for parallels between the novel and the writer's birthplace.

You will also get an overview of the 19th century farm life in Järva County.

Visitors will be given a paper guide (ENG, RUS, FIN, or GER) and children can play the game 'Vargamäe rajaleidja' ('Vargamäe pathfinder'), which makes the museum visit even more interesting.




15. mai - 14. sept

T-P 11:00 - 18:00

15. sept - 14. mai

K-P 10:00 - 15:00


Vetepere, Vetepere küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond