Restoran Ö

Restoran Ö pakub oma klientidele uutmoodi naudingut põhjamaisest köögist. Restorani uued peakokad Martin Meikas ja Ranno Paukson ootavad Teid alates aprill 2014.

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  • RoteFuchs RoteFuchs

    Nordic Cusine gone to far

    Restaurant Ø is a very very good restaurant, with a talented and dedicated staff. But after having eaten the five course tasting menu, accompanied by the wine menu, you sit back not really able to...

  • Joanna B Joanna B

    Attentive (not over-bearing) service and wonderful flavours

    One of the 'Sparkling' chain which seems to run all the smart restaurants in middle of Tallinn, this was a really lovely, relaxing experience where an imaginative, Nordic-influenced tasting menu with...

  • iHeartPugs88 iHeartPugs88

    Modern Fine Estonian Dining!

    For our 2nd Anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to make reservations (you will need them in advance) for this beautifully and tastefully decorated Estonian restaurant. This is not a restaurant...