Lime Lounge

Kuidas sündis nimi Lime Lounge?
Muidugi Mojitost, mis sisaldab laimi ja värsket münti. Kasutame laimi kõikides kokteilides ja toidu valmistamise juures. Olles meil, olete Te alati õiges kohas!


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Põhineb 129 arvustusel | Kirjuta arvustus
  • Sergezab Sergezab

    Nice and cozy place for quick lunch or cocktail time

    two-pages menu but with salads, soups and main courses. We had smoked duck pasta and crisp chicken salad. Both dishes were very nice! Fasted cooked and served! I would say cuisine is a mix of...

  • Andrias K Andrias K

    Great food and service

    Every dish in the menu is exceptionally good , doesnt matter if eat there by day or evening. Service always very friendly and helpful. Nice interior and choice of drinks is also a plus. Never been...

  • Hippo00560 Hippo00560

    Seems to be good for everything, even four four hungry children and their parents.

    After we could not get a table in another place in Pärnu (Kohvik Supelsaksad), we went to the Lime Lounge which was recommended to us in the Kohvik Supelsaksad. It was really worth it. It was not...